Why I can’t use Pro features?

If you’re using Individual Pro or Education and Education Pro but can’t access paid features, there might be an issue with your plan, or you might be on the wrong account. Here are some things to check when this happens:

You may have more than one Wakelet account

If you’ve logged into Wakelet and Pro features are suddenly unavailable for you, you might’ve logged into a wrong account.

This usually happens if you’ve signed up using different email addresses (e.g. personal vs. work emails) or through social media (e.g. Google, Facebook, Apple, etc.).

Aside from the features, check for your collections. If these are missing too, chances are you're on the wrong account.

If you think you may have other Wakelet accounts:

  • Find your most recent invoice from Wakelet and check the email address matches the account, although you might have a different email set up between our payment provider (Stripe) and your Wakelet account if you've paid through Stripe before. 
  • Try logging in into your accounts one by one. To check if the account is subscribed to any of the Wakelet plans, look for the Wakelet plan label by clicking on your profile settings. 

If you can’t remember your login details for your other accounts, you can reset your password from the login page.

Your subscription stopped

Once you cancel your Wakelet plan, you can still enjoy premium features until the end of your paid period. However, editing privileges for you and other members will be locked and your account will switch to "View only" mode.

If you wish to access your content, you can always subscribe again at any time. If you are unable to do so, it could be due to an outstanding unpaid fee.

You have an unpaid subscription fee

Wakelet plans automatically renew. This means that on every billing date, we try to charge the subscription fee to your account’s registered payment method. If it fails, we try to charge you again several times within 16 days from the original billing date.

Update your payment details to settle any unpaid fees and resume your plan.

You’ve been removed from a plan (For Education and Education Pro)

Your teacher can add or remove anyone from the class anytime. If you’ve been removed from a Wakelet plan, you also lose access to the plan and its features.

Contact your administrator. Ask to be added again so you can regain access.