I can't log in

Can’t log in to your account? We’re here to help. Check the following log-in issues and how to solve them.

To resolve login issues, it's often best to reset your browser cookies. Cookies can become outdated or corrupted over time, causing problems with logging in. By clearing your browser's cookies, you can start fresh and eliminate potential conflicts. Access your browser settings, find the privacy or security section, and choose the option to clear cookies. Keep in mind that this will log you out of any active sessions, so have your login credentials ready to sign back in. Resetting cookies is a simple solution that often resolves login problems and ensures smooth website access.

I have password issues

Resolve this by resetting your password from the login page. Learn more about resetting your password.

The Google or Facebook authorisation pop-up closes automatically

This usually happens because of pop-up blockers. To fix this, disable any pop-up blockers and then try logging in again.

You can also try logging in using a different browser.

I don’t have access to my email

This usually happens when you’re using your work email and you’ve left the company or institution. Learn what to do when you can’t access your email.