All about Workspaces

What is a workspace?

The Wakelet workspace is your digital home base to collect, organize and share content visually.

Within your personalized Wakelet workspace you can:

  • Build collections of things to save and showcase resources on any topic. It's like having digital binders.
  • Pull in images, videos, PDFs, documents, links, Tweets - any digital content.
  • Share your Wakelets publicly, with specific people or keep them private - you choose.
  • Enable others to collaborate on your Wakelets in real-time.
  • Integrate top apps and services to bring external content into your workspace.
  • Access all your Wakelets from any device, with apps for mobile and desktop.

Your Wakelet workspace is fully customizable to your needs. Use it for personal knowledge management, team collaboration, social sharing and more. Turn ideas and inspiration into visual boards!

Moving content from one workspace to another

While Wakelet allows you to organize content into different topic-based collections within a single workspace, it's important to note that you cannot move collections or content between separate Wakelet workspaces.

Each user account on Wakelet has its own unique workspace. Within your personal workspace you have full flexibility to create unlimited collections and organize content how you like. However, these Wakelets live within your workspace alone.