All about Classrooms

Classrooms on Wakelet is a new, easy-to-use feature that helps teachers work with students safely and securely. It works with learning management systems like Google Classroom, Microsoft Education and Clever, to create individual student accounts that are managed by teachers!

How are Wakelet Classrooms safe?

To ensure student safety, we have disabled the discovery features of Wakelet, such as searching public profiles and collections. Students can only share their curated content with their teacher and other students in the Class. The use of third-party apps is permitted under the teacher's discretion. As a result, Wakelet Classrooms are fully compliant with child safety and data protection laws, such as the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), New York Education Law 2-D, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We're happy to sign any privacy and data agreements your district requires. Please send any agreement to

I can’t see the “Classrooms” tab

The "Classrooms" tab is only available to users with an Education profile. To gain access, go to your Account Settings and select the option to convert your account to an Educator Profile.

Can I still use Classrooms if I don't have a Microsoft, Clever, or Google LMS?

Unfortunately, no. You will need to use one of the LMS options provided, as we do not currently offer CSV or manual uploads. 

I trialled Wakelet Classrooms with peers, but now they can't access their accounts and get a blank screen when they try to log in!

When a standard account is imported into Classroom, it is converted into a student account. Deleting the class does not revert the account. If any peers were affected, please email with their emails.

I imported my students, but I don't see them in the class!

When a student is imported into Wakelet, they will receive an email to join the Classroom. However, if they don't have an existing account, they won't be imported properly. To fix this:

  1. Click on Classroom settings.
  2. Scroll to Sync Students section. 
  3. Click on LMS button to import them again. 

I don't have permission to import students into Wakelet, but I still want to use it with my students!

You can use the standard side of Wakelet, where users can join collections and contribute anonymously. However, we do not recommend this, as an anonymous user can join a collection only once. If they log out and try to join again, a new user will be created, and it is not impossible to return to the same anonymous account. They are also restricted from using third-party apps like GIPHY, Unsplash, and others. If you're having trouble adopting Wakelet Classrooms, please reach out to for assistance. We'll do our best to help you overcome any obstacles.

My students are over 13+, should I convert their accounts into student accounts?

Yes! Classrooms provide an easy way to access and manage student work. For more autonomy, you can instruct students to create their own accounts. Some students encounter a blank screen when attempting to log in, or are automatically logged out. The student has been removed from the class or not imported correctly. To resolve this, re-add them to your LMS, go to the Wakelet Classroom settings, and select Sync Students. If you still encounter issues, it's best to create a new class in your LMS and import it to Wakelet.

How do students sign in?

Once students have been imported, they can use their chosen SSO to log in without a password.

How can student collaborate with each other?

Students cannot invite each other to collections for collaboration. However, they can create a collection and invite others to collaborate within it. This also means they cannot edit contributions from other students, only their own.

My students can't view one another's collections!

Students can add their curated collections to their profile by clicking the Share button. This will make their collections visible to their classmates.

I deleted students in my class, how do I restore them?

Unfortunately, you cannot restore deleted student accounts. However, you can re-import them to the class. To do this, first re-add them in the LMS class and then come back to Wakelet and hit the Sync students button.