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All about Activities

Activities is a district-exclusive feature that enables teachers to create, send, and receive assignments from students in Wakelet Classrooms. It provides teachers with the ability to manage deadlines and track student progress. To learn more about our district package, please click here.

To create an Activity:

  1. Click on Create Collection.
  2. Curate a collection into a task or assignment for your students.
  3. Click on the Activity button.
  4. Enter instructions for students on how to curate the collection.
  5. Click Start activity to share with students.

What do each Activity status mean?

  • Start Activity: Once you click it, it will appear in the student's collection area, ready for them to work through it.
  • Pause for Review: Pausing for review will stop the student from contributing to the set collection and allow you to mark their work.
  • Re-open Activity: You can allow students to continue working on the collection after reviewing.
  • Complete: After marking during Pause for Review, clicking Complete will give the student a copy of their assignment back to edit, and the original work which cannot be edited.