Protecting your account

At Wakelet, we are committed to protecting your data and privacy. To help with this, we recommend doing the following for added protection to your account:

Log in using your Apple, Facebook, or Google account

Using a social login means you don't need to set or remember a password. After you log in to your provider, they're able to tell Wakelet who you are.

Use a password manager

Passwords should be unique and unpredictable. Using a password manager is the easiest way to set a strong password. It also allows using different strong passwords for all your logins without having to remember all of them.

Pick a strong password

If you can't use a password manager, we recommend using a password that’s at least 8 characters. Avoid using the following as passwords as well because they’re easy to guess:

  • A word by itself
  • Recent years
  • Straight rows of keys
  • Sequences like “abc” or “6543”
  • Repeats like “aaa” or “abcabcabc”
  • Short keyboard patterns
  • Names and surnames
  • Context like the website name
  • Dates

We also recommend changing your password from time to time.