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Inviting people to collaborate on a collection

For users on the Individual Plan, please be aware that you have a limit of up to 3 collections that you can either create or join from others. If you wish to collaborate on more collections, we recommend upgrading to the Individual Pro plan

To invite other users to collaborate on a collection, follow these steps:

1. Click on the 'Share' button.

2. From the dropdown menu, select the option 'Can Add'.

3. Choose the method you prefer to invite them: either by providing a link, giving them a join code, scanning a QR code, or directly through third-party apps. 

You also have the option to search for other users who are already on the platform.

Here are the different sharing options and what they mean:

  • "Can View" allows people to only view the collection you share and contribute to it.
  • "Can Add" enables people to contribute to the collection by creating and managing their own items.
  • "Can Edit" grants users the ability to create and manage their posts, as well as other posts created by other contributors.