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Inviting people to collaborate in a Space

You can invite collaborators to a Space by sending an invitation link, QR code, or manually adding users by typing their email or username to send them a joining link to their email. Note that you cannot invite users to a Space without Wakelet accounts.

To invite collaborators to a Space:

  1. Click the Share button (people-shaped icon).
  2. Scroll to the Collaboration section.
  3. Copy and share the link.

By default, collaborators have permission to contribute to existing collections and create new ones in the Space, but they cannot edit other collections or cards created by other users. To give them editing permission:

  1. Click the Share button (people-shaped icon).
  2. Scroll to the Manage collaborators section.
  3. Find a user and click the dropdown menu to change their permission from “Can add” to “Can edit”.