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How do I turn on / off the Wakelet 'New Tab' for Chrome?

When you install the Wakelet browser extension for Chrome (see here), your 'New Tab' page will automatically be changed to Wakelet. 

This is a really useful feature for quickly saving and organising your content. You can even create a collection from all of your tabs in just one click. See here for a guide on using it.

If you'd prefer not to use the Wakelet New Tab, it's really easy to disable. 

To disable the Wakelet new tab page

  • Right click on the 'W' button on your browser bar
  • Select 'options'
  • On the page that appears, click the toggle next to 'Enable Wakelet extension for new tabs'.

To re-enable it, just do the same again. 

I want to use a different new tab extension

If you follow the above steps to disable the page, you may find that your old 'new tab' page, if set by a different extension, is now missing and the default new tab for Chrome is appearing. To fix this and use your old extension, you can either: 

  • Re-install the previous extension (Chrome chooses the last 'new tab' installed as a default) 


  • Use a new tab manager extension, such as MultiNewTab. (Please note that Wakelet is not responsible for any external extensions, install at your own risk). 
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