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How do I add Sections to my profile?

On your public profile page you can divide your public collections into sections, so viewers can browse your page more easily. 

Each section you make needs a title, and you can add as many collections as you want to a given section. 

To edit your sections: 

  • Go to your public profile (Go to and click your profile picture on the left, or top-right). 
  • Click Edit Profile. 

To add a new section: 

  • After clicking Edit Profile, click Add a new Section.
  • Enter a section title in the box that pops up, then click Add Section. 
  • You can change the section title after it's added by clicking the section's name on the right and typing a new title. 

To add collections to a section: 

  • After clicking Edit Profile, hover over a collection. 
  • Click Move.
  • Choose the section you want to move the collection to in the drop-down menu that appears. 
  • To move the collection into another section, click Move again and choose a new section. (Please note: you will have to delete a section in order for the collections inside to be moved back to uncategorised). 

To reorder and delete your sections:

  • To reorder a section, drag and drop the section's name on the left. 
  • To delete a section, click the X next to its name on the left. 



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