Creating Collections


Spaces FAQ

Step 1: Create your first Space…

It’s super easy to create Spaces! In your home area, you will find a panel on the left hand side with your profile image and a plus button. Just click the plus button to create a new Space.

A menu will appear, where you can give your Space a name and an image. Once you’ve done this, just click the “create” button.



Step 2: Organize your collections into Spaces

Now you’ve created a Space, you can use it the same way you use your home area. Create new collections inside it, or move existing collections from your home area into it. 

Moving collections from your home area to other Spaces is super easy! Just hover over any collection, click move collection and then select the Space you wish to move it to. 



Step 3: Invite others to a Space

Now you’ve created a Space, you can invite whoever you want to it! Just click the members button on the left hand of your Space, and click invite members. This will open a screen where you can choose to invite people through email, invite link, unique code or QR code. 

When people join the Space, they will be able to create new collections within it, and contribute to existing collections.

Invite by email: Select "Invite by username or email" and type in your collaborator's email address, then press the + button next to the email address to add it to the invite list.

Invite by link: Just copy the link and share it with whoever you want. When someone clicks that link, they will be prompted to sign in, and join the Space. 

Invite by unique code: This is the best option if you are giving a presentation or lesson. Simply share the code with anyone you want. They should then click the plus button in their own Spaces panel, click the join a Space button, and enter the code.

Who can access my Space?


Spaces have 2 privacy settings -  private, and public. When you first create a Space, it’s private - only you can see it or access it. You can invite people into this private Space to collaborate and build collections. 

If you wish, you can make your space Public. This gives your Space an address and publishes it on the web.

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