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What does this word mean? (Glossary of terms)

This is a guide explaining some of the words you might see around Wakelet. This may be particularly useful for those who don't speak english as a first language. 

Wakelet The name of our platform, including and the Wakelet apps. It comes from the word 'wake', as in the trail left by a boat or a plane - just like the wake you leave as you browse the web! 
Collection A group of items, such as links or documents. Wakelet is all about organising your content into collections. 
Group collection A collection that the owner has invited contributors to add to. 
Profile / Account  Your personal area of Wakelet, which is represented by your profile page and stores all of your items and collections. 
Bookmark / Item When you save or upload something to Wakelet, it becomes an bookmark. A bookmark could be a link, a tweet, a note, an image, a video or anything else you can add to Wakelet. 
Cover image The main header image that appears at the top of your collection, and will also appear on your profile page if the collection is public. It will also be the image that appears if you share your collection. 
Background image The image that appears in your collection's background when opened. 
Header image  The image that appears at the top of your profile page.
Profile image The image that represents your profile on Wakelet, also known as your avatar.
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