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What does this button do? (A visual guide to Wakelet)

Here's an explanation of some of the icons you'll see around Wakelet.



Click here to see more info about each button: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) 


1. Profile information


This shows your profile picture, your displayed name and your username.
Click on any of those to go through to your profile page. You can also see how many people you're following, and how many followers you have. Click either of those to see in more detail.


2. Collections tab


Your collections tab is the main tab of In it you can see all collections that you have created. 


3. Bookmarks tab


Your bookmarks tab will show you all of the items you've saved to Wakelet.


4. Group collections tab


The group collections tab will show you all of the collections that you've accepted invites to contribute to, as well as collections you've created that others have joined. 


5. Search bar


The search bar allows you to search through all of your own collections.


6. Create a new collection button


This button allows you to create a new collection. 


7. Collection image & title


Clicking on your collection's title or image will open that collection in view mode.



8. Collection visibility button


Clicking this button is a quick way to change your collection to private, unlisted or public visibility. 


9. Sort button


Clicking this button allows you to choose how the collections on your homepage are sorted. 


10. Menu bar & '...' Menu


The menu bar contains Search, Explore, Home, your profile picture, the Notifications button and the '...' main menu. 

Search allows you to search through all of Wakelet's public content for a specific collection or user. 

Explore will take you to our Top Picks, where you can see hand-chosen collections that show the best of what Wakelet and our amazing community can do. 

Home takes you to the Wakelet homepage. 

Your Profile Picture is a quick way to check what account you're in, and if you click it you'll be taken to your public profile page. 

The Notifications button (the bell) will let you know when there's new features or updates to Wakelet for you to try out. 


The '...' main menu button contains the following options: 

View Public Profile will take you to your profile page, like clicking your profile picture does. 

Settings will take you to, where you can change your password, your email address, your notification settings and more. 

Switch Accounts allows you to stay logged in to more than one Wakelet account at once and switch between them. 

Log Out will log you out of the current profile. 

There are also some links below those to download our app, see our social pages and see out terms of service, etc. 


11. Help Button  

Artboard_21ICON.jpg Click the help button to access our help center and contact a Wakelet support agent if you can't find the answer there.



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