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How do I become a Wakelet ambassador?

It's fantastic that you're interested in spreading the word and representing Wakelet! 

We currently have two levels in the Wakelet Community. The first is to become a Community Member, and then you can apply to be an Ambassador

To learn more and to join the community, click here to go to

I'm in the community, how do I become an Ambassador?

Once you have joined the community you will get a welcome email from James, who leads the Wakelet community. He'll continue to send tips and news to keep you up-to-date with everything going on at Wakelet. 

To apply to become an ambassador you must click the link in your community emails.

The link will appear at the bottom of each email, and looks like this: 


You can also get to the form via the welcome pack in the email with the subject line 'Everything you need to get started'.

I've applied. When will I hear about the status of my application?

We announce the ambassadors in waves and will first alert you via your community emails.

We will also let you know if your application is unsuccessful for any reason, and will email you with tips for re-applying. 


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