Adding Tweets to Your Collections


How do I add tweets to my Collection?

Aside from the regular method of pasting in a link, or saving via our iOS and Android apps or browser extension, you can also connect your Twitter account to import tweets in bulk. 

How do I connect my Twitter account? 

  • Open up a collection
  • Click the + button
  • Click the Twitter icon
  • Click Connect with Twitter. 

How do I import from Twitter? 

Once you've connected your account you can search in the box to find tweets, click each of them to select or deselect them, and click Add to put them in your collection. You can also check Add in Reverse to add the last-selected tweet to the top.  

How do I disconnect my Twitter account? 

If you no longer need to use our Twitter import feature, you can disconnect your account by going to, finding Wakelet and clicking Revoke Access. 

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