What are the different community ranks?

Ali Alalyawi

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What is the difference between a Community member, Community Leader and Ambassador?

The Community is an open group of people who are passionate about Wakelet. Anyone can join the Community, and as a Community member, you get to hear announcements first, test new features and have a real say in the development of new products and features.

A Community Leader is someone who shares and promotes Wakelet within their own school and learning community. They help those around them learn about Wakelet, and support them through training sessions, advice and knowledge.

An Ambassador is someone who lives and breathes Wakelet! They represent Wakelet at events, provide us with ideas and feedback, and consistently share the platform online and in their own learning communities.

How can I become a Community Leader/Ambassador?

In order to become a Community Leader or Ambassador, you must first join the Wakelet community. You must then meet the requirements for each of the roles, and apply when you feel ready!

How do I become a Community Member / How do I join the Wakelet Community?

You can apply to join the Wakelet Community at https://community.wakelet.com/

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