Sharing vs Inviting

Ali Alalyawi

Last Update 5 months ago

The power of Wakelet comes to life with students, friends, family, and more. Therefore, knowing the difference between sharing and inviting will be crucial to creating the best collaboration experience possible. 

This is your sharing and inviting menu, you can find this located on the top of your collection page under the "Share" button.

Sharing is viewing only.

When you are sharing, you are only letting people see the collection.

How to share?

You need to decide if you want your collection to be public (the whole internet can see), unlisted (only users you share with can see) and private (only you can see).

Inviting is collaborating.

When you are inviting, you are letting people make changes.

How to invite?

There are many ways to invite people to make changes. You can share links, code, and invite by name or email. 

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