How to share your Space?


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Your Space will always be private by default unless you decided to share it with others. There are a few ways to share a Space:

You can choose to make your Space public. This means anyone on the internet can view the Space without an invite and it will make it discoverable by Wakelet and Google search engines.

To make your Space public:

1. Click on the Share icon, located top-right corner.

2. Toggle Publish space page.

You can also invite users to collaborate with you on Space by allowing them to add their own collections or contribute to others, to do this:

1. Click on Share button.

2. Scroll down to the Collaboration section.

3. Now you can invite users by link, a joining code, QR code or by email and Wakelet username.

Once you’ve invited users to collaborate, you’ll be able to give them different collaboration powers or choose to remove them as contributors:

When a user “Can add”, it means they can only add cards to the collection but not edit other cards by other users. To allow users to edit another user card, simply select “Can edit” instead, to do this:

1. Click on Share icon.

2. Scroll down to Manage Collaborators section

3. Find the user you’d like to customise permissions

4. Select from the drop down either “Can edit” or “Can add”.

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