How to create a class with Microsoft Teams?

Ali Alalyawi

Last Update 10 months ago

Congratulations on becoming an Education user! It's now time to create your first class using Microsoft Teams. Please note, your IT administrator must be subscribed to Microsoft Education to create a Class within Microsoft Teams:

  1. Head to Microsoft Teams
  2. Select the "Join or create team" button located in the top-right corner.
  3. Click on the "Create a team" button and select "Class" as the type of team. If you do not see "Class" as an option, it means your IT administrator is not subscribed to Microsoft Education. You cannot use any other type of team to import your class to Wakelet, you must use "Class" as a team type. 
  4. Label your class and add a description if you wish and hit "Next".
  5. Add your students and teachers to your class.
  6. Now head back to Wakelet, select "Classrooms" located on the navigation bar.
  7. Click on the "Create classroom" button.
  8. Select the "Microsoft" button to add the class you created in Teams.
  9. Click on the drop-down menu and find the class, toggle Permissions for students and hit "Create".

That's it, you have now created your first class using Microsoft Teams and are ready to collaborate with your students. Alternatively, you can watch our quick video tutorial to learn more:

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