How Do I Invite Contributors To A Group Collection?


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Inviting a contributor means they'll be able to view your collection, add to it and edit any of their items, as well as the order of all of the items. 

Open the 'Contributors' Menu

  • Open your collection in view mode (not edit mode)
  • Select 'Contributors' from the bar at the top of the page

Invite a contributor by code, QR code or link

  • Open the 'Contributors' menu, and make sure the 'Via shareable link or code' tab is selected.
  • A QR code, 6-digit text code and a link will appear.
  • Send any of those three options to your contributor.
  • If you send your contributor the 6-digit text code, they can enter this by clicking 'Enter code' from the logged-out homepage or, if they're logged in, they can go to and click 'Join Collection'.

Invite a contributor by email

  • Open the 'Contributors' menu, and select the 'Via Name or Email' tab at the top.
  • Below you'll see people you follow on Wakelet, and you can click 'Add' to send them an invite. You can also type an email address. Once you have, click on it to send the invite.
  • Direct the contributor to go to their email inbox and look for an invite email. They'll need to click 'Accept' on this before they can access your collection.

To accept an email invite

  • Find the invite email in your inbox and click 'Accept'.
  • Wakelet will open and you will be asked to log in if you aren't already.
  • On your homepage, click 'Group Collections'.

You can open those collections and add to them like any other, but you won't be able to delete the collection or edit items added by other contributors or the owner. 

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