How Do I Add Sections To My Profile?


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On your public profile page, you can divide your public collections into sections, so viewers can browse your page more easily.

Each section you make needs a title, and you can add as many collections as you want to a given section.


To edit your sections:

Go to your public profile (Go to and click your profile picture on the left, or top-right).

  • Click Edit Profile.
  • To add a new section:
  • After clicking Edit Profile, click Add a new Section.
  • Enter a section title in the box that pops up, then click Add Section.
  • You can change the section title after it's added by clicking the section's name on the right and typing a new title.

To add collections to a section:

  • After clicking Edit Profile, hover over a collection.
  • Click Move.
  • Choose the section you want to move the collection to in the drop-down menu that appears.
  • To move the collection into another section, click Move again and choose a new section. (Please note: you will have to delete a section in order for the collections inside to be moved back to uncategorised).

To reorder and delete your sections:

To reorder a section, drag and drop the section's name on the left.

To delete a section, click the X next to its name on the left. 

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