How do I add content to my Wakelet collection?


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To add content to your Collections, first click the green “Edit Collection” button in the top right corner. 

To add a new item to your Collection, scroll down and click the green plus button. You can add a new item wherever you want in a collection - you’ll see a green plus button in between every existing item in the collection.

Clicking this button brings up the Add Content menu which has six content options to choose from.

Here's what the six options mean and what they're for.d

Add Link

If you have a link to a website or any content that you want to add to your Collection, you can paste it into the field labelled “Paste any web address” - it will be instantly added to your collection. Remember, you can add any public link to a Wakelet collection.

Add Text

Click this button to open a text box with full editing capabilities. Then click the green done button to add it to your Collection.


Click the second of the five buttons to add an image. 

You can upload your own image or select a free to use, high definition image from the Unsplash library to go in your Collection.


Click the third button to open a window showing all of your saved items. You can search them or click “filter bookmarks” to bring up a search field as well other filter options. Then click the green “Add” button to finish.

Upload PDF

The fourth option in the Add Content menu is to upload PDFs. Just click the button and then choose the PDF file you want to upload from your computer.


Click the fifth symbol if you want to add content directly from YouTube, Flipgrid, Twitter, OneDrive or Google Drive.

If you want to record video and audio, and upload videos directly to Wakelet, you can use the Flipgrid integration which is labelled “Video” here.

If you have any questions about adding content to Collections, please contact our live chat team by clicking the blue bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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