Collaborating on Collections

What is Permissions?


Last Update a year ago

We’ve made collaborating on Wakelet even better!

You can now assign permissions to people in your group collections, helping you control who can edit and change the content!

Assign different permissions to contributors to help supercharge your group projects, brainstorming, resource libraries, and more!

To help you understand what each role means please see the table below : 

You can also change the setting of the collection so that any contributor that joins can edit or delete any of the items that have been added to the collection. You can access this by going to the settings cog that will appear in the top left corner of your screen whilst in edit mode of the collection. Once you have opened this you will see the below option to toggle on or off. 

We will be adding more to this feature in the future, if you need any help please contact us. 

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