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Getting started with Spaces

How many Spaces can I create?

You can create as many Spaces as you like!

How many collections can I create in my Space?

You can create as many Collections as you like!

How many contributors can I add to a Space?

You can add as many contributors to a Space as you want!

If I invite someone to one of my Spaces, can they view my profile or other Spaces?

No, members of a private Space can only see the Space they have been invited to. If you want public users to see your Space, just make the Space public and share it.

If I move a collection into a Space, will contributors need to be invited again?

No, once they are invited to a Space, they will have access to all the content to that Space, new or old!

How much control do I have over what contributors post?

Not at this moment, but we will be bringing moderation into Spaces soon. In the meantime, contributors can add content, but as the owner of the Space, you always have the option to delete it.

How can I invite people to my space to just view, not edit collections?

To share your Space with others so they can see it but not edit it. You can do this by making your Space public.

If I invite someone to a Space, will they be able to collaborate on all the collections there?

Yes, when you invite someone to a Space, they can contribute to all the collections within that Space. However, they can only add content and cannot edit or delete content they did not upload. Furthermore, Spaces tracks and logs who uploaded content, so if one person uploads content to another person's Space, it will notify the uploader.

Spaces vs Profile

Everyone has a personal profile attached to their home area. You can use this profile however you like. Spaces, however, are for when you want to create a separate area for a class, a project, a portfolio, or anything else. Most people use their profile for general purposes and use Spaces for more specific things!

Space vs Collection

A collection is made up of links and content, and a Space is made up of collections! A Space is a great place for you to create collections on a particular subject, and invite people to collaborate and create their collections within the same Space.

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