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Learn to create, collaborateadd content, edit, add cover image, add background image, change layout, remove itemsre-order items, delete, move collection into different Space, remove members,  share, and export as PDF.  

What is a Collection?

Our mission is to empower you to organise the internet into useful, helpful, and informative ways - to do this you create collections and share them with the world. A collection is a way to organise and group items from all corners of the web such as YouTube links, Medium articles, and more. You can also add your images, text, and videos. You can create, share and collaborate on as many collections as you like.

What can I do with a collection?

The possibilities are endless. Wherever there is a link, there is a place for it in your collection from YouTube videos, tweets, social posts, Google or Dropbox documents, Spotify playlist, and more. You have the power to create beautiful collections that can inspire and motivate your students, colleagues, and your fans. Here are just some of the 30 ways, you can get started on creating your first Wakelet collection:

I want to add my PPT presentation or Word document

Unfortunately, you cannot upload PPT or Word documents to Wakelet, however, you can host them in the cloud through Google Drive or Onedrive and add a link inside the collection directing users to the file.

I cannot see the text underneath the image but I can still see it there

The text under the image is cut short but when the text is there. We allow users to add a sentence or two to label the image but for full paragraphs and longer text, you will need to add a separate text box underneath the image. 


How many collections can I create?

You can create unlimited collection!

How many item can I add to a collection?

You can have as many items as you want, there is **no limit**. Although we recommend not adding more than 100 items to a collection for ease of management and viewing.

How many contributors can I invite to a collection to collaborate?

You can invite the entire world!

What is a sub-collection?

In addition to regular content, anonymous collaborators can also add sub-collections, which is something regularly logged-in users cannot do. A sub-collection is exactly what it sounds like, it works as a collection within a collection and allows students to add several different items at once in a collection attached to their name. See how to anonymous users can create one.

Collection vs Space

A collection is made up of links and content, and a Space is made up of collections! A Space is a great place for you to create collections on a particular subject, and invite people to collaborate and create their collections within the same Space.

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