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Please note: The new Wakelet experience is currently not available for students, however, it will be coming sometime in fall!

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What is a Classroom?

It's no surprise, Wakelet is a powerful curation tool used by millions of people across the world and while we try to regulate our site to make it safer for our users, this is a large task. As a result, we introduced Classrooms. A Classroom is an enclosed space for students and teachers alike to collaborate safely and more fun!

What does safety mean for Classrooms?

Safety means our discovery features are not available for our student users:

  • Collections and profiles of students under 13 are not available publicly i.e. through search or public profile presence. Only users within the same group or classroom can see the content that another student has created. Students also cannot search or discover content. 
  • Apps like Flipgrid, YouTube, and more are given access under the teacher's discretion through Permissions
  • Our Classroom feature is fully compliant with child safety and data protection laws i.e. COPPA, FERPA, NY Edlaw2D & GDPR

We are happy to sign any local or district privacy and data agreements, email

How can I add students and use Classrooms without importing from Microsoft, Clever or Google Classrooms

To use Classrooms, you will need to use a third-party LMS to import your students into Wakelet, we currently do not allow you to add students via CSV or manually. 

I've imported my students but I don't see them in the class!

If your students never had Wakelet accounts before, they won't show up even after clicking the email invite that was sent to them when you imported them, instead once they click to join Wakelet, you need to Edit classroom and sync your students for them to appear in your class. 

I'm a teacher and in the process of creating Classrooms, in the meantime how can I use Wakelet with my students?

Not to worry, if your students aren't in a Classroom yet or don't have a Wakelet account, you can ask them to join your collection anonymously. Make sure your collection's visibility is set to "Unlisted" and send an invite link. Now, your student can start collaborating. Here are a few things to note about anonymous collaboration:

  • Anonymous user can join a collection on a one-time basis, meaning when the student logs out and tries to join the collection again, a new user will be created. They cannot go back to the same anonymous account they created.
  • Your anonymous student user will be added with permission of "Can add" content only, if you want the student to edit content - you need to change their permissions to "Can edit". You'll find this in the "Share" button, select the "Invite collaborators" tab and scroll to see the list of users, then select from the dropdown menu "Can edit".
  • There are restriction for anonymous users such as; the use of Giphy, Unsplash library, apps and bookmarks. 

Of course, this will be much easier to manage if your students had Wakelet full accounts or student accounts. Happy Collaborating!

My students are over 13+, should I convert their accounts into student accounts?

This is entirely up to you. When you import your student accounts you will be able to easily access students' collections and profiles, meaning you have more visibility over their work. However, if you wanted your students to have more control and independence, you can just instruct them to create accounts independently.

Some students get a blank screen when trying to sign in or automatically logged out of Wakelet

This indicates that the student has been removed from the class or doesn't belong, which means you need to add the student to your third-party LMS again and then come back to Wakelet to hit "Sync students" and they will be sent an invite to join the class if they're full account or you can log in with SSO straightaway because they've already become a student.

What happens if a student already has an account before they are added to a classroom?

If one of your students already had a Wakelet account with their school email address before you imported their account they will be asked to join your group the next time they sign in. This will convert their account into a student account and you will be able to see all of their content.

How do students sign in?

It’s super simple! Once you have imported them from Google Classrooms, Microsoft Education or Clever they will be able to sign into their Wakelet account by using the Single Sign-on button. This means students do not need passwords.

How can student collaborate with each other?

Students can not invite each other to collections to collaborate on, however, you can create a collection and invite them into the collection to collaborate with each other.

Why can’t students edit or delete content?

If your student cannot edit or delete content they've added as an anonymous collaborator, they are likely in a new collaboration session. Students only have editing access to their content during the session in which they add it, so if a student leaves the page or closes the browser and then returns to the collection, Wakelet is unable to recognize them and treats them as a separate user. As the owner of the collection, you can delete but not edit the collection.

I cannot see my student’s collection in the Classroom

After a student has curated their collection, they must change the visibility of their class. Students can do this by clicking on the "Share" button on collection and toggling "Add to profile"...

I deleted students in my class, how do I restore them?

We have added the ability to restore accounts within 30 days to ensure that you have enough time to recover the account if you accidentally delete it. You will find the account in the Classroom's admin panel and located under Recently deleted...

I cannot see the class admin panel

When importing classes from integrations such as Google Classrooms, Clever, or Microsoft, it's important to ask the owner of the classes to permit you to act as an administrator. Once the permissions have been granted, you can delete the class and reimport it to gain access to the admin panel.

How to invite other teachers into a class?

If you import the teacher as a member of the group you can assign them the "Teacher" role within the Classroom. If you accidentally import them as a student, you can easily change them over to Teacher and reconvert their account to normal...

I invited a teacher outside of my class, and their account turned into a student account

If you use Google Classroom, Wakelet will automatically recognize “Teacher” and “Student” roles and assign them to imported accounts, however, if you use Microsoft Education or Clever it works a little differently.

If you invite a user and they already have a Wakelet account, Wakelet will flag these accounts as Pending and ask you if the user is a Student or a Teacher. If you invite a user who doesn’t already have a Wakelet account, it will automatically create a student account for them but you can convert them back to a full Wakelet account and assign them the role of Teacher; this option can be found in the three dots next to their name in your Classroom.

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