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All about Spaces

Please be aware that our Spaces feature is currently not available for new users. We are working diligently to expand access to this feature and appreciate your understanding. Existing users can continue to enjoy Spaces without interruption.

Wakelet Spaces enable users to create collections of content, organize them into folders, and share them with others. It is an ideal tool for teams, educators, and anyone who wants to organize and share curated content or collaborate together.


How many Spaces can I create?

You can create as many Spaces as you like!

How many Collections can I create in my Space?

You can create as many Collections as you desire!

How many contributors can I add to a Space?

You can add as many contributors to a Space as you wish!

If I invite someone to one of my Spaces, can they view my profile or other Spaces?

No, members of a private Space can only view the Space they have been invited to.

Do contributors need to be invited again if I add a new collection to a Space?

No, once they have been invited to a Space, they will have access to all the content in that Space, whether new or old!

How can I invite people to my space to just view, not collaborate?

Yes, but only if you publish the collection to the web.

If I invite someone to a Space, will they be able to collaborate on all the collections there?

Yes, when you invite someone to a Space, they can create new collections and contribute to existing ones. However, they cannot edit existing collections or items posted by other users without giving them permission. Learn more about how to manage collaborators.