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About Education plan


We're excited to introduce you to the Wakelet Education Plan, a robust and comprehensive package designed to enrich the learning experience and foster seamless collaboration. The Education Plan is packed with a range of offerings tailored to meet the demands of educators and students, facilitating a rich, interactive, and efficient learning environment.

Core Offering

The Education Plan offers a wide array of features designed to provide a smooth, interactive, and creative learning experience:

  • Create unlimited items and collections: There are no limits to your creativity. Create as many items and collections as you need to enhance your learning experience.

  • Explore other users’ collections: Expand your knowledge by browsing through the collections curated by other users. It's an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and discover sources of inspiration. Please note that access to the Explore feature is exclusively available to teachers on the Education plan. Students in Classrooms will not have the ability to view Explore content.

  • Collaborate on workspaces: Foster collaborative learning by working together on workspaces. The number of collaborators is equal to the number of users included in your plan.

  • Invite guest users to collaborate: Extend the learning community by inviting guest users to contribute to your collections.

  • Share a link for others to view: Sharing your collections with others is as simple as sharing a link.

  • Unlimited collections published to a single profile/page: Keep your profile comprehensive. You can publish an unlimited number of collections to a single profile or page.

  • Access to premium templates: Enhance the aesthetics of your collections using our premium templates.

  • Ability to record/upload video: Bring your collections to life by adding videos. You can record or upload videos directly within Wakelet.

  • Storage limit: You have plenty of space to store and manage your content effectively with 1GB of storage.

  • Ability for students to build and take portfolio with them: Empower your students by enabling them to build their portfolio on Wakelet, which they can carry forward beyond the classroom.


The Education Plan also extends its capabilities to manage classrooms efficiently:

  • Automated Classroom Creation: Setting up classrooms has never been easier with our automated options. You can streamline the process and efficiently organize your classes by simply uploading a CSV file. It's important to note that if you wish to roster with Clever/Classlink, as well as integrate with Google and Microsoft, upgrading to the Education Pro Plan is required.

  • Customize classrooms: Personalize your classrooms by changing the name, profile image, and more to create a familiar learning environment.

  • Classroom analytics: Keep track of your classroom's performance with basic analytics and download a PDF report for detailed insights.

  • Handle inactive classes: Manage your inactive classes effectively without cluttering your active workspaces.

  • Sharing permissions: You have the flexibility to control who can view your classrooms and activities. Share with your class, your school, your district, or make it available to everyone.

  • Multiple Classrooms admins: Assign multiple admins to manage your classes effectively.

  • Audit log on request: Maintain accountability and transparency with access to the audit log upon request.

  • Data stored in the US: All PII data is securely stored in the United States.


We offer prioritised support and professional development to ensure you get the most out of Wakelet:

  • Prioritised Support: Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you, ensuring you have a seamless experience with Wakelet.

  • Self-paced Courses: Learn at your own pace with our range of self-paced courses designed to enhance your Wakelet skills.

We've designed the Wakelet Education Plan to empower educators and students alike, making learning more engaging, collaborative, and efficient. Whether you're facilitating remote learning or a physical classroom, the Wakelet Education Plan is equipped to meet your needs. 

Ready to get started? Contact us at sales@wakelet.com to learn more about our exceptional plan and how it can transform the way you curate and share information. Our dedicated community team is here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock the full potential of Wakelet.